Dead Head 666
Dead Head 666
Also known as: Dead, 666
Race: Demon
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown, possibly 666
Height: Unknown, possibly 6' 6
Hair color: Black (possibly)
Eye color: Red
Occupation: Satanist, Fred-Fan
Dead Head 666 is one of Gjlewis' archenemies. He was once the boyfriend of MuertesBabe before joining the ranks of Fred. Because of his mean and reckless personality, MuertesBabe chose Gjlewis instead for his kind-hearted ways.


Dead has the appearance of a dark-skinned demon. He wears a hoodie and a skull mask over his head. His true face is skeletal with small red eyes in his eye-sockets.


Dead is cruel, vile, and reckless in nature. He is very sadistic and foul-mouthed. He also likes to threaten everyone. When he is angry, he becomes violent.