Also known as: The Devil, Lucifer, Father of Lies, The Destroyer, Prince of Darkness, The Dragon, The Great Deceiver, The god of this World, Goat of Mendes
Race: Demon
Gender: Male
Age: Billion years old
Height: 50 foot tall
Hair color: Blonde (Angel) Grey (Demon)
Eye color: Rainbow (Angel) Red (Demon)
Occupation: Lord of Darkness
Satan, alternately known as Lucifer, is a primary antagonist of The Chronicles. He is God's deadliest archenemy and the father of Fregatoth.


In his angel form Lucifer, he is a beautiful seraphim with twelve wings; eight large wings on his back, two small wings on his head and two other small wings on his feet. He has blonde hair, rainbow-colored eyes, and large halo from behind his head. He also glows largely in heavenly light.

In his actual demon form, he is a large, half-skeletal being and he is not as big as God but much larger than an elephant. His ten wings were missing and was replaced with horns; eight small horns on his back and two larger horns on his goat head. His two wings still remains and there are large and withered. His legs are replaced by multiple snake tails with six snake heads. He also has a gap-like mouth on his stomach. On his forehead was a Wicca symbol. Like Baphomet, his right hand points the light-colored moon and his left hand points the dark-colored moon. His right hand holds the chained pot which contains blood of Christians.

But in his true form during the final battle in The End, Satan was even more monstrous and threatening. He is a gigantic, dark blood-red colored, dragon/serpent hybrid and was larger enough to cover the whole Earth. He has a massive serpentine body with huge, fanged mouth on the stomach, large powerful dragon arms armed with talons, and a longer tail and ends with a horned tip. He had pair of great wings of the mighty dragon with full of eyes in his wingspans. He had seven heads with longer snake necks. Six heads are cobra-like and each had long horn on their snouts and wear silver-colored crown on the heads. But the middle head who is Satan, it is rather goat-like with four larger horns on his head and a large crown of silver-black. The symbol on his forehead is now reversed into a pentagram to symbolize his own sign. Inside the monster's mouth from the middle head was a lion-like head, and inside the lion-like head's mouth was a bearded gargoyle head. He is full of eyes and there colored in light-yellow and but the pair of eyes on each heads, there black with red pupils. Sides all around him are flames. Such horrifying appearance as much, exposing the truth that Satan was an incarnation of all of evil and sins.



  • Satan's actual demon form bears a striking resemblance to the demonic idol Baphomet.
  • There are several symbolism in his true form:
    • The seven heads represents seven countries; North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, and Antarctica.
    • The color red represents the blood of Christians.
    • The head of the lion within the middle head's (who is identify as Satan) mouth, with the head of a bearded gargoyle within that may symbolize the Trinity of Evil; The Dragon, the Beast, and the False Prophet.
    • The fanged-mouth on his stomach could represents the mouth of Hell.
    • Being a dragon/serpent mixed abomination representing Satan as a vicious destroyer.
  • Satan's true form is the inspiration in the book of Revelation chapter 12 in verse 3 in the Bible: "And there appeared another wonder in heaven; and behold a great red dragon, having seven heads and ten horns, and seven crowns upon his heads."