Julia "Cat" Smith
Also known as: XXProValenciaXx, PokémonCorruption
Race: Mage-neko, (Panther-neko)
Gender: Female
Age: 15 (September 22, 1999)
Height: 7' 7 (grows when staff absorbs milk)
Hair color: White
Eye color: Green (red when angry; gold when possessed)
Occupation: Gjlewis' servant mage
Oh, you think you can take me? Oh no! Your powers are gone! Oh well, you're dead to me.

– Julia before fighting enemies.

Julia "Cat" Smith, also known under her screen name XXProValenciaXx is the Cat Warlock's helper and mage girl. She joins him in his quest to defeat her brother Fred.

The LegendEdit

XXProValenciaXx was born in 1999 to her mother, an angelic snow panther-neko, and her dad, the Devil. She took on her mother's angelic side. Seven years later, her brother Fred Figglehorn was born. Soon after, he himself became the Devil. Ever since Fred had sprouted tiny sharp devil horns and she had a halo, they would "play" Discus, with Fred headbutting her when she wasn't looking. They were mortal enemies and never going to stop each other from killing each other, but since Fred was immortal, it wasn't fun for her.

She eventually moved away to Gallowmere where she met Gjlewis and it was friendship at first sight. She invited him over to her house and he goes there all the time now to hang out, fight Fred and also to grab a nice refreshing drink of non-alcoholics. Time and time again they would also be fighting whatever comes their way or just relax, watching Cartoon Network and just doing really nothing.

When she was 8 years old, she already had a couple of friends and a bully whose name was Owen. Nothing stood in his way to destruction and his favorite past-time was beating her up. One day, she finally took a stand against him and flip-kicked him to the floor, giving him a brain aneurism and sending him to hospital. The Principal didn't take notice of it. She was horrified at what she had done, but she felt more powerful then she ever had. Afterwards, she ran back home to her mother and father who was waiting and asked "Why are you so early?" they implored.

Well, I was let out early for good behavior.

They believed her. She ran up to her room and looked under a loose plank there. She couldn't live with possibly murdering someone, so she froze herself underneath that plank, and thawed out in that house, believing it was Gallowmere and that GJ was going to save her from her dastardly deed. She went into a state of happiness, in her world forever. She was eventually awakened by the real Gjlewis and with that, extended her hand to him to let him come around more often.


She can be a really nice person, friendly and willing to help at anytime when help is needed. Her aura of friendliness consumes everyone around her into a happy state of mind, no matter how evil, with the exception of Fred. When she is angry, the energy from the anger is so powerful, the staff absorbs it, supercharges it and it goes super, making anyone who is near her obliterated into ash piles or their self esteem is broken into tiny slithers of fragmented pieces.


Her staff can siphon power from nearby mages to supercharge their powers and put them inside her to super power her. When this happens, she gains a new power (It has happened in front of GJ when she gained healing).

Her other powers include atomic breath, pyromania, flight, hovering, teleportation, speed, invisibility, light and dark control, cryokinesis, hydrokinesis, healing, shapeshifting, netherversability (Able to teleport and put things in the Netherverse), turning back the clock and so on.


  • She is one of the tallest of Gjlewis' friends, standing at 7' 7.
  • She obtained her magical powers when she first found a twig, threw it at Fred and he fell on the floor, unconscious from the powerful magic flowing through the miniature stick
  • The staff she has was fashioned by her mother and father themselves, Fred getting a ring and her getting the wooden staff, she was a bit angry until she found out it could make her spells way better, so she threw the tiny twig at Fred and once again, he got knocked out so hard, he flew 10 feet in the air.